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Autonomie des Europarechts – EuGH – Wissenschaftliche Vorträge und Veranstaltungen

Presentation on „The price for a seat at the ISDS reform table: CJEU’s clearance of the EU’s investment protection policy and its impact on the EU constitutional order“ in Conference on Investment Courts and the Union’s Legal Order at Stockholm University

The price for a seat at the ISDS reform table I presented on the topic „The price for a seat at the ISDS reform table: CJEU’s clearance of the EU’s investment protection policy in Opinion 1/17 and its impact on the EU constitutional order“ on Thursday, 06.02.2020 at Stockholm University in the Conference on „Investment…


Public Defence of Ph.D. Thesis of Dr Hannes Lenk at Gothenburg University

On 20th September, Hannes Lenk successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “The EU investment court system. A viable reform initiative?”. I had the pleasure of serving as “opponent” in the public defence at the School of Business, Economics and Law (Handelshögskolan), Department of Law (Juridiska institutionen) of the University of Gothenburg. The examination committee consisted…


Presentation on „Autonomy of EU law: A Catalyzer of Dialogue in International Economic Relations?“ at King’s College London

The „III LAwTTIP Joint Conference“ on „EU Law, Trade Agreements, and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Contemporary Challenges“ focused on the dialogue among international and regional institutions as a tool to overcome fragmentation and implement the rule of law in the international economic relations of the EU. Its ultimate aim is to stimulate a debate between speakers…


Keynote im Rahmen des internationalen Seminars „Administrative Judicial Review and Administrative Arbitration Decisions in Foreign Investment Disputes at the University Coimbra / Portugal

Programm Programme Coimbra International Seminar Weitere Informationen Stocktaking of investment protection provisions in EU agreements and Member States’ bilateral investment treaties and their impact on the coherence of EU policy 27 März 2019 Read More → Rüstungsbeschaffung zwischen Bestimmungsfreiheit des Auftraggebers und Sicherstellung von Wettbewerb 25 Februar 2019 Read More → Debate: A Common European…


Verfassungsgerichtshof der Republik Polen und Kardinal-Stefan-Wyszynski-Universität Warschau – Konferenz zum Thema „Das Völkerrecht und die Europäische Union in der Verfassung“ Konferenz


Vortrag im Rahmen der Konferenz „Das Völkerrecht und die Europäische Union in der Verfassung“, veranstaltet durch den Verfassungsgerichtshof der Republik Polen und der Kardinal-Stefan-Wyszynski-Universität Warschau, 23. – 24. Oktober 2018, zu „Protecting European Investors Abroad – Lessons from the CJEU’s Recent Ruling in ‚Achmea'“. Erstellung eines Rechtsgutachtens zur Vorlage am schwedischen Höchsten Gericht (Högsta domstolen)…


Europe’s effort and Japan’s emerging role in reforming international investment law – Talk at Nagoya University Satellite Office Tokyo

Hosted and chaired by Professor Tomoko Ishikawa of Nagoya University, Dr Lars Markert, incoming partner at Nishimura & Asahi Tokyo, and Professor Steffen Hindelang of the University of Southern Denmark discussed with participants from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice of Japan, as well as with representatives from private legal practice and from the…


Predators in the pond of jurisdiction? The EU constitutional restraints on investor-State dispute settlement provisions in European comprehensive free trade agreements.

Investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS), once developed as ‘last straw’ for foreign investors to gain access to justice in the forgotten corners of this world, grew out of its niche existence – for the better or the worse. In a remarkable metamorphosis ISDS made its way not only into trade agreements among what was once called…

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