Europe’s effort and Japan’s emerging role in reforming international investment law – Talk at Nagoya University Satellite Office Tokyo

Hosted and chaired by Professor Tomoko Ishikawa of Nagoya University, Dr Lars Markert, incoming partner at Nishimura & Asahi Tokyo, and Professor Steffen Hindelang of the University of Southern Denmark discussed with participants from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice of Japan, as well as with representatives from private legal practice and from the Dutch, Greek and Swiss Chambers of Commerce in Japan current EU reform proposals in the area of investor-State dispute settlement, the emerging role of Japan in this debate, and constitutional limits of the EU to subscribe to international dispute settlement mechanisms. Steffen Hindelang presented a legal and political analysis of current reform processes undertaken by the European Union and its Member States. Lars Markert commented on this talk and stressed the emerging role of Japan in this ongoing debate.

(c) Steffen Hindelang