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Multi-Level-Parliamentarism, EU Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law Relating to the Organisation of the State


Expert-level Roundtable with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on New Generation IIAs: Triangulating Regulatory Freedom, Investor Protection, and Investor Accountability

30. April 2023

Expert-level Roundtable at the Department for Promotion of Industry and Trade (DPIIT) of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Foreign Direct Investment Screening Mechanism in a Comparative Perspective

30. April 2023

Expert Witness for the Hearing in the German Parliament on “Ratification of the Free Trade Agreement with Canada (CETA)”

12. October 2022

Special Session at the Centre for Trade and Investment Law India on Pro’s and Con’s of Merging Trade and Investment – Experience from Recent EU Negotiations with Canada, Vietnam, Singapore

9. April 2022

Arbitrator in Donatas Aleksandravicius v. the Kingdom of Denmark, ICSID Case No. ARB/20/30

9. January 2021

Study for the European Parliament on Stocktaking of Investment Protection Provisions in EU Agreements and Member States’ Bilateral Investment Treaties and Their Impact on the Coherence of EU Policy (in collaboration with Jurgita Baur)

18. March 2019

Study for the European Parliament on Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam submitted to the European Parliament (in collaboration with Theoman M. Hagemeyer and Simon Richtmann)

18. April 2018

Study for the European Parliament on In Pursuit of an International Investment Court. Recently Negotiated Investment Chapters in EU Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements in Comparative Perspective (in collaboration with Teoman M. Hagemeyer)

18. July 2017

Study for the European Parliament on The Investment Chapters of the EU’s International Trade and Investment Agreements in a Comparative Perspective (in collaboration with Carl-Philipp Sassenrath)

18. September 2015

Expert Opinion for the Bundestag (German Federal Parliament), Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy, Hearing on the planned European-Canadian Free Trade Agreement CETA

15. December 2014

CETA Hearing at the German Bundestag

15. December 2014

Providing an Expert Opinion on the Question of Provisional Application of a Treaty Jointly with a German Public International Law Scholar

28. November 2014

Study for the European Parliament on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (‘ISDS’) and Alternatives of Dispute Resolution in International Investment Law

18. September 2014

Expert Opinion for the European Parliament, Committee on International Trade, to „Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions in the EU’s International Investment Agreements“

1. April 2014

Providing a Strategy Study for an EU Member State Government Relating to the Current Status of Investment Treaties among EU Member States and Possible Alternatives Jointly with an International Law Firm and German EU law scholar

28. November 2013

Legal Expert Report for an EU Member State on the Question of Compatibility of Intra-EU and Third Country Bilateral Investment Treaties with EU Law Jointly with a German EU law scholar

28. November 2011

Providing an Expert Opinion for an EU Member State Government in the Course of Legal Proceedings in a German Court Relating to the Challenge of an Investment Tribunal’s Award on Jurisdiction jointly with a German EU Law Scholar

28. November 2011